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November 13, 2017

For the past six or so years I have been living with my mother-in-law, Patricia. Since my first interaction with her she has preferred that she be called “mother.” At first I didn’t quite understand why, but wanting to make a good impression on my potential mother-in-law, I obliged. After a short amount of time, I understood why she preferred this title instead of her first name. Her identity is based on being a mother. Not only do I call her mother, but the majority of people in her life do as well. This ranges from her children, to doctors. I noticed something else along the way; she has had quite a life.

She has told me stories about my wife, the Civil Rights Movement, living in segregated Louisiana, going to the church of Jim Jones, and many other fascinating tales. She is able to hold a room captivated for as long as she wants due to her ability to tell these stories with a conviction of someone who loves life and has experienced all of what life has to offer. Mother is now 67 years old and I thought that it was important that her life be chronicled, and what better way to do so than to put in podcast form.

Every week I will be sitting down with mother for about an hour to record her amazing stories and present those stories to family, friends, and anyone who is interested in hearing the life experiences of Mother.

Welcome to An Hour With Mother.

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